Welcome to Artworld, the blog!

February 12, 2021

Welcome to Artworld, the blog!

2020 was spent largely sheltering-at-home, social-distancing, living in our heads and on our screens. We’re all exhausted by social media but rely on it because...we have to? The Artworld team has been thinking through this dilemma over the past year; how can we responsibly create an alternative social platform that engages, promotes, and supports our communities? Is this even possible, one might ask!

With community feedback and two rounds of closed-beta testing under our belt, we’ve come a long way towards understanding what individuals and organizations need to stay connected. While we’ve concentrated on Vancouver (where we are familiar), we’re interested to see how Artworld will be utilized in communities beyond our home-base. As we set to launch in Spring 2021, Artworld’s primary focus is to share events, and to encourage community engagement through showing connections between individuals, organizations, and events.

We’ll be updating the blog with things we learn along the way, announcements about improvements we’re making, and tips on getting the most out of Artworld. Once we launch, we will also feature Member Spotlight blog posts, showcasing the work of Artworld members we admire.

‘Til next time,

Casey & the Artworld team